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TEMPEST Standards

Emcon certifies devices to TEMPEST North America (US and Canada) and NATO security requirements

Our security cleared production facility in Ottawa is Canada's largest TEMPEST manufacturing facility. We offer rapid design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to meet a broad spectrum of TEMPEST and EMC requirements for some of the world’s most secure organizations. Emcon, alongside our TEMPEST Europe group, is one of the world’s most respected and most trusted producers of emanation security and TEMPEST devices.

The following is provided for information only, please contact Emcon to discuss specific application requirements. For more information regarding the SDIP standards in accordance with UK Implementation Guide 14 (IG14) and Good Practice Guide 14 (GPG14), please visit our UK site: Secure Systems & Technologies.

TEMPEST Standards

Standard Strictest Standard Slightly Relaxed More Relaxed Standard
Level I Level II Level III
Level I Level II Level III
SDIP-27 / 1
Level A
(formerly AMSG-720B)
Level B
(formerly AMSG-788A)
Level C
(formerly AMSG-784)
NATO - Zoning Standards Zone 0 Zone 1 Zone 2
Emcon Example
TEMPEST Rugged/semi-rugged Laptops
TEMPEST Thin/Zero Clients
Computers TEMPEST Rugged/semi-rugged Laptops

Glossary of TEMPEST Acronyms

  • SDIP - SECAN Doctrine and Information Publication
  • CESG - CESG Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme
  • SECAN - SECurity and Evaluation Agency MC 108/5
  • TEMPEST – Originally a codeword (hence capitalization) since declassified; not as some may state 'TEMPorary Emanation and Spurious Transmission'
  • NSTISSAM - National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory Memorandum
  • AMSG – Allied Military Security Guide

Integration & Program Support

Emcon provides experienced project managers with EMSEC expertise for government and NATO projects. These project managers can support your program at every stage including risk assessment, management, planning and implementation.

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