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Engineering & Testing Services

TEMPEST Testing, Vertical Integration, and Engineering, Design and Consultation Services

Our security cleared production facility in Ottawa is Canada's largest TEMPEST manufacturing facility. We offer rapid design, engineering, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to meet a broad spectrum of TEMPEST and EMC requirements for some of the world’s most secure organizations.

Beyond our high quality TEMPEST products, Emcon offers our clients a robust range of TEMPEST services, including training, consulting, and onsite testing.

From the initial design phase through the manufacturing and testing phases, and after sales support, Emcon ensures that the end result is a highly secure, functional, and discreet product that meets and exceeds expectations.

TEMPEST Testing Services

  • Testing services compliant with US NSTISSAM TEMPEST standards, US Zone standards, Canadian CID/09/15A, Canadian Infosec 601 standards
  • Onsite/Offsite TEMPEST product compliance testing
  • Offsite TEMPEST platform testing
Compliance Tests
  • TEMPEST to Levels I, II, and III
  • NATO AMSG Standards
  • TEMPEST facility (building) testing and installation
  • Engineering, design, and EMSEC consultation services

Engineering, Consulting & Design Services

Emcon offers our clients custom engineering and consulting services, particularly in the field of EMSEC. Through personalized one-on-one client support over the course of a project, we assure specific security requirements are met.

EMCON’s RF Engineering Services include:
  • RF engineering and consulting
  • RF testing and system integration support
  • Signal analysis
  • Propagation analysis
  • Wireless WiFi® security
  • Threat vulnerability assessments
  • Spectrum and technology consulting
  • Program management
Our RF COMSEC Design Services for EMI/EMC/RFI requirements include:
  • RF and microwave circuit, component and equipment design, prototyping, manufacturing and testing
  • Packaging – mechanical
  • System interfacing – electrical

Program Support

In addition to our consulting offerings, Emcon also provides experienced project managers with EMSEC expertise for government and NATO projects. These project managers can support your program at every stage including risk assessment, management, planning and implementation.

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